One of Stockholm's few complete and solid seafood restaurants


We are offering everything from well-stocked seafood platters to exquisite fish dishes. Thanks to our central location of downtown Stockholm the restaurant is both an easy and accessible meeting point for all possible occasions.

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Come celebrate this year’s special occasions with us!

Regardless of the season, at Stockholm Fisk you will always be served the very best that the sea has to offer. Families, friends, and colleagues all appreciate the chance to enjoy freshly caught delicacies presented in scrumptious seafood dishes — so if you want to be sure to get a table, we recommend that you make your reservation well in advance. You can book a table both in either our restaurant section or in our chambre séparée, which can accommodate up to 14 people.
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Seafood Christmas Dinner

At a restaurant that specialises exclusively in seafood,Christmas dinner means a table laden with delicious dishes from the sea. Come enjoy freshly caught seafood from Tuesday to Saturday, between November 21 and December 21.

First 16.30—19.00 or Second 20.00—22.30

Price from 1295:-
Children up to 12 years old pays 30:- multiplied by age

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Seafood Buffet Christmas Eve

Surely there is no better Christmas gift than the luxury of feasting on freshly caught seafood together with one’s friends or family. We set a lovely buffet table with crayfish, shrimps, mussels, oysters and other delicacies.

First 16.30—19.00 or Second 20.00—22.30

Price from 1.395:- pp

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Seafood Buffet New Year's Eve

When bidding farewell to the year gone by, few things are as fitting as seafood.

First 17.00—19.30 or Second 20.30—23.00

Price from 1.495:- pp

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Private parties

If you wish to book a table for more than 6 people, please visit Events by Melanders and we will help you with all the details.